May and June 2011 Update:

CTFNW Delivers Summer Surprises to Four Local Students

For four Salem-Keizer students, summer was even brighter this year as they enjoyed their new computers, courtesy of CTFNW and donors like you!

Through its partnership with Salem-Keizer Public Schools, CTFNW identified four deserving local students (and their families) who did not have a home computer.  Once the application process was complete, each student was awarded a refurbished computer, intended to support students in their effort to be successful in school.  Without access to a computer at home, students are at a disadvantage academically.  "We have to write a paper at least once a month that must be typed," explains Savanah.  Not having a home computer means staying after school, working around the schedule of the computer lab, and trying to find a ride home.

Juan had similar experiences before he had a computer of his own, “It was so hard to get my assignments turned in on time because my mom works in the evening and nobody can pick me up after school.”  When we delivered Juan’s computer, his smile and enthusiasm said it all.  A computer, which was donated by a family who no longer needed it, is going to make a world of difference for this young man.

For students like Savannah and Juan, owning a computer will mean more than being able to complete assignments on time.  Studies show that computer literacy directly impacts employment opportunities and earning potential.  Owning a computer is the key to unlocking a very successful future. 

Within five minutes of having his computer set up, Troy told us that he hopes to use his new computer to fill out college applications one day.  Troy will be a freshman in high school this year and he is already able to see what a difference access to a computer can make. 

CTFNW is very thankful to everyone who helped make it possible to provide computers to these deserving students.  We look forward to growing our foundation and continuing to provide free computers to students in need.

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